Technology forms the base of the HelloFresh global business model

But it isn't immediately obvious just how innovative a perishable supply chain platform has to be.  

Our technology team has developed a completely proprietary end-to-end platform to power a global weekly process.  The system operates such that food spends less than a day in the HelloFresh supply chain, keeping those boxes on time and HelloFresh fresh.  At the same time waste is minimised in comparison to traditional food models, both here at HelloFresh and at home for the subscriber. 

We optimise the selection of over 250 ingredients weekly to find the right produce, the right sizes, and the right prices.

We manage over 360 suppliers of fresh food from the point of production to delivery in our localised fulfilment centres.

Fulfilment is processed across our production lines within 8 hours, in a production line dealing with many permutations and combinations of meals per box.

We manage a database of well over 5,500 recipes to ensure we are always providing meals that subscribers will enjoy.

We collect 500,000 subscriber data points weekly, enabling us to accurately and efficiently forecast demand.

None of this can be achieved with a standard e-commerce platform, and our technology team has developed a truly innovative system to underpin every single business activity.

Our weekly connections with customers, suppliers and logistics partners enable our business to be informed and driven by data.