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Mar 14


Non-financial report 2022: Our commitment to chicken welfare

At HelloFresh, we strive to maintain high quality standards for the ingredients we source. This is particularly relevant for the animal welfare of our most common protein, chicken. Over the last years, HelloFresh has partnered with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) to support us on our journey of sourcing ethically raised broiler chickens.

Our responsible sourcing policy focuses on broiler chicken welfare and is evidenced by our signing of the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) in countries where we operate. We understand the importance of supporting broad-based efforts to improve animal welfare across the poultry industry and have engaged with our suppliers, who raise and process chickens on our behalf, to implement meaningful changes.

In 2022, we conducted a comprehensive survey assessment among all of our chicken suppliers to understand broiler welfare practices throughout our supply chains, independent of local schemes across our international segment. 

We continue to make global progress

In most markets, we purchase chicken from higher welfare schemes.* This is the case in the UK where 100% of the chicken procured for HelloFresh and Green Chef last year was Red Tractor Certified.

In Europe, 100% of chicken procured in 2022 for the DACH market was Tierwohl certified. In BENELUX, 100% of our broiler chicken in 2022 was coming from Beter Leven 1-star farms and slaughtering practices. This Beter Leven certification allows all birds access to a winter garden which means access to natural daylight and fresh air. This access is not recognized in the Better Chicken Commitment as compliant with their air quality and minimum light requirements; however, Beter Leven 1-star does meet or exceed many other BCC metrics.**

In Canada, 66% of all HelloFresh branded chicken volumes purchased in 2022 were Certified Humane and 88% were also “Raise Without Antibiotics” (RWA). 

In the US, we joined the US Working Group for Broiler Welfare, convened by Compassion in World Farming, and published an updated Chicken Welfare Policy which included a roadmap for guiding progress with our suppliers towards the BCC. We announced an investment in functional enrichments in collaboration with our largest chicken supplier. These enrichments encourage natural behaviors, reduce stress in the barn environment, and allow chickens to play, which are all important for the wellbeing of these animals. This supplier has also initiated an inspection program for both enrichments and friable litter, ensuring maintenance of at least 3” of dry, friable litter at all times. This inspection program utilizes third-party auditing to ensure compliance with these elements of the Better Chicken Commitment. We also offer, for some of our US brands, GAP 3 and 4 broiler chicken products.

HelloFresh has committed to publishing a global roadmap for all aspects of the Better Chicken Commitment before the end of 2023 and will be reporting progress each year on the Better Chicken Commitment until we are 100% compliant across all criteria. Within this roadmap, we  will also include an intention on how the welfare practices outlined in the above survey will be verified/audited and how we will ensure compliance throughout our supply chain.

As the leading meal kit provider, we will continue to push for further improvements and systemic change to offer our customers responsibly sourced and high-quality ingredients. 

* Higher welfare scheme is defined as any national scheme with standards above (or improved) when compared to legislative minimum requirements
** For this reason, HelloFresh corrects its 2021 figure for products with 100% compliance to BCC to 0.

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