HelloFresh solves the age-old question: “What’s for dinner tonight?”

“What’s for dinner tonight?” It’s a question we ask a lot. If not to our family or friends, then to ourselves – in many cases, as we might walk through a store choosing groceries.  In fact, our research of 13,000 people across 11 countries found 44 percent of people make the decision of what to eat for dinner every single day. 

For some people, this is a sacred time. A moment to stop, imagine, and create a delicious dish from scratch. But not always. We don’t all share the same love for recipe creation or putting our skills in the kitchen to the test on a daily basis. And that’s understandable. We live busy lives, which require us to be constantly making choices. So, when it comes to dinner, deciding what we want to eat is perhaps one thing that we could use a little help with.

HelloFresh provides food solutions for more than seven million actice customers globally.

HelloFresh helps customers choose the perfect dinner in no time

HelloFresh is a business which enables the greatest possible convenience for our customers. We match subscribers with their ideal dinner through analysing over 3 million data points on customer preferences per week which enables our recipe development teams to identify the best and worst performing recipes. We then apply local insight and understanding of different country’s tastes and preferences to match subscribers to recipes which we know suit their needs, including lower calorie, vegetarian, vegan and family friendly.

Users value the effort we put in. In fact, as part of our global survey, 35 percent of people say that they find deciding what to have for dinner without HelloFresh difficult, with 45 percent of people saying this decision is even harder when they’re planning meals for somebody else. What should be a relaxing time as we wind down in the evening can quickly become the opposite.  We found that 40 percent of people find deciding what to cook is stressful because they’re overwhelmed by the amount of choice. Sometimes, we want somebody else to take on the planning. It’s only natural that at the end of a long day, we might lack inspiration. Sometimes we need a hand.  

HelloFresh helps our customers to find the perfect dish for every occasion.

HelloFresh offers a curated choice of dinner solutions that fit each customers individual taste

With up to 36 recipes to choose from (depending on the market) our HelloFresh core brand offers a wide variety of choices that can be customized according to individual preferences. At the same time we continue to widen our offer to consumers.  We now offer the option of add-ons such as appetisers and desserts and earlier this year we launched Green Chef in the UK to cater for the fast growing specialist diet segment such as keto and vegan. We know how hard it can be to find interesting recipes of a particular diet, which is why Green Chef in the US and the UK relieve our customers of this stress.

With the acquisitions of ready-to-eat delivery services Factor in the US and Youfoodz in Australia we are making dinner choices even more convenient for customers around the world. We’re just getting started on our journey and have exciting plans for expansion into new areas over the coming years. What’s for dinner tonight? An important question. But at HelloFresh we think, why not let us answer that, and you get on with the things that really matter.

With the launch of Green Chef in the UK we can now relieve our customers of the stress of deciding what's for dinner if they follow a specific diet.

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