Learn a little about the history of HelloFresh.

All the way back in 2011, Dominik and Thomas arrived in Berlin, intent on starting a new and disruptive business.  


With a love of healthy food, nutrition, cooking, and a desire to make access to healthy food as easy as possible for as many people as possible - starting a Food at Home business seemed the natural choice.



After examining business models from Sweden to Japan to very local ideas, they and a group of like minded individuals formulated the recipe for HelloFresh.

The team started early in 2012 packing shopping bags in Berlin, Amsterdam and London with a view to target the highest density population areas in Europe.  

HF Origins.png

Quite quickly, they started getting requests from people outside those areas who all wanted to become a part of the HelloFresh family.  Wanting to serve as many people as possible, the team developed a logistics model that enabled them to deliver to every single household across a given country.   


The HelloFresh product started to rapidly gain in popularity, as subscribers shared the excitement about their weekly boxes, with friends and colleagues.  Subscriber referrals accelerated, as it became clear that HelloFresh had finally solved the "What's for dinner tonight" problem for its subscribers.


Having launched on the East Coast of the U.S in December 2012, HelloFresh moved to cover the entire country in September 2014. Over the short time since then, HelloFresh has grown rapidly to become one of the largest players in this market.  


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HelloFresh served 7.2m meals in January 2016 to 9 countries across 3 continents!