With so many households across the globe now enjoying the HelloFresh experience, we invite you to step behind the scenes and meet the people, the processes and the company behind the most well-known fresh-food at home brands.  

HelloFresh is the global leading provider of fresh-food at home.

HelloFresh aims to provide each and every household in its 9 markets with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals with no planning, no shopping and no hassle required.

Everything required for weeknight meals, carefully planned, locally sourced and delivered to your door at the most convenient time for each subscriber.

Behind the scenes, a huge data driven technology platform puts us in the prime position for disrupting the food supply chain and for fundamentally changing the way consumers shop for food.

The soft subscription model business enables us to leverage our weekly subscriber touch points to consistently manage supply chains and demand, and to optimise the customer experience as well as our business economics. 

HelloFresh is at the forefront of disrupting a multi trillion dollar industry at the very beginning of its online transition.

The HelloFresh team love food and they love cooking, and they want you to enjoy it too.

Our Global Management team based in Berlin and New York ensure that our business enjoys every benefit of its global scale.  

Dominik Richter
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dominik has been CEO since starting HelloFresh in 2011. He is responsible for keeping a general oversight of the business and strategy. Dominik’s an entrepreneur to the core and started his first two businesses while still at university.  Dominik graduated from WHU with a degree in International Business in 2009, and from the London School of Economics in 2010 with a Masters in Finance and has worked for Goldman Sachs before founding HelloFresh.


Thomas Griesel
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Thomas has been responsible for the logistics and operations behind HelloFresh since founding with Dominik in 2011.  Previously, Thomas had spent time at OC&C Strategy Consultants and worked on a range of his own businesses and ideas.   He graduated from WHU with a degree in International Business Administration in 2009, and from the London Business School in 2010 with a Masters in Management.



Prior to joining HelloFresh, Christian spent 19 years in banking, most recently at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he ran the Equity Capital Markets business for the German speaking region.   Prior to that he was at Goldman Sachs in London and Frankfurt.  

Nuno-HF photo.jpg


Nuno started at HelloFresh in April 2013, uniquely combining a passion for the HelloFresh product with a passion for technology and its ability to change the world.  Nuno had previously worked with a range of new and disruptive technology companies including Rocket Internet.


Maximilian joined HelloFresh at the start of 2014, right at the time that the HelloFresh brand was really starting to accelerate.  He has been able to finely tune a truly global brand, with a very local brand identity.  Maximilian previously worked at Monitor Group, having graduated with a Master's in Management from WHU. 


Our Local Founders across HelloFresh are able to leverage the global platform, and at the same time ensure that the HelloFresh product in each market truly reflects the local community.  

A truly local food product, uniquely suited to individual
tastes and meal-time preferences.  


Ed Boyes Co-MD US

Ed Boyes


Adrian Frenzel Co-MD US

Adrian Frenzel


Maartje Frederiks Netherlands

Maartje Frederiks


Ian Marsh United Kingdom

Ian Marsh

United Kingdom

Tom Rutledge Australia

Tom Rutledge


Romy Lindenberg Germany

Romy Lindenberg


Daniel Walter Switzerland

Daniel Walter


Ian Brooks Canada

Ian Brooks


HelloFresh Supervisory and Management Board

supervisory board members

Jeffrey Lieberman, Chairperson
Mr. Lieberman is a Managing Director at Insight Venture Partners which he joined in 1998. Earlier in his career, Mr. Lieberman was a management consultant at McKinsey & Co. in the New York Office. He was born in Passaic, New Jersey in 1974, and holds dual degrees in systems engineering and economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of
Engineering and Wharton School of Business, respectively.

Oliver Samwer, Deputy Chairperson
Mr. Samwer serves as Rocket Internet's Chief Executive Officer, having co-founded the Company in 2007. Prior to this, in 2000, Mr. Samwer and his two brothers founded Jamba! AG, which was subsequently acquired by  Verisign Inc. in 2004. Mr. Samwer has previously held the role of Managing Director of eBay, responsible for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and also co-founded Alando.de, which was sold to eBay Inc. Mr. Samwer holds a degree in business administration from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, and was born in Cologne, Germany in 1972.

John H. Rittenhouse
Mr. Rittenhouse serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cavallino Capital, LLC, which he founded in 2007. Mr. Rittenhouse has held senior leadership roles at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., LVMH Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton, Michaels Stores, Inc. and Target Corporation and has worked as National Practice Partner at KPMG. He holds degrees from Rollins College (business administration, management and operations), Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee (Executive Masters of Business Administration) and St. Patrick’s Seminary & University (theology). He was born in Queens, New York in 1956.

Derek Zissman
Mr. Zissman is a chartered accountant and has over 45 years’ experience in the capital markets in the United Kingdom. Mr. Zissman was a partner at KPMG for over 30 years; following his retirement in 2008, he has held directorships at Alchemy Partners, Barclays Wealth & Investment Management and Seymour Pierce. He is a current director and member of the audit committee at a number of companies operating in the information technology, leisure transportation and engineering sectors, including The 600 Group PLC. He was born in Birmingham, England in 1944. 

Dmitry Falkovich
Mr. Falkovich founded Phenomenon Ventures in 2012, where he held the position of director until March 2015 and where he remains a shareholder. Mr. Falkovich has held various senior management positions throughout his career in Moscow, Russia. He holds a degree in mathematics from Moscow State University, and was born in Moscow, Russia in 1972. 

Ursula Radeke-Pietsch
Mrs. Radeke-Pietsch serves as head of global capital markets of Siemens AG, a  position she has held since October 2009. Having joined Siemens AG in 1985, she has held various positions, including in the areas of structured finance, audit and treasury. Mrs. Radeke-Pietsch holds a degree in Business Administration, Accounting and Information Technology from Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München, and was born in Regensburg, Germany in 1958.



management board members

  • Dominik Richter, Chief Executive Officer
  • Thomas Griesel, Chief Operating Officer
  • Christian Gärtner, Chief Financial Officer

Learn a little about the history of HelloFresh.

All the way back in 2011, Dominik and Thomas arrived in Berlin, intent on starting a new and disruptive business.  


With a love of healthy food, nutrition, cooking, and a desire to make access to healthy food as easy as possible for as many people as possible - starting a Food at Home business seemed the natural choice.



After examining business models from Sweden to Japan to very local ideas, they and a group of like minded individuals formulated the recipe for HelloFresh.

The team started early in 2012 packing shopping bags in Berlin, Amsterdam and London with a view to target the highest density population areas in Europe.  

HF Origins.png

Quite quickly, they started getting requests from people outside those areas who all wanted to become a part of the HelloFresh family.  Wanting to serve as many people as possible, the team developed a logistics model that enabled them to deliver to every single household across a given country.   


The HelloFresh product started to rapidly gain in popularity, as subscribers shared the excitement about their weekly boxes, with friends and colleagues.  Subscriber referrals accelerated, as it became clear that HelloFresh had finally solved the "What's for dinner tonight" problem for its subscribers.


Having launched on the East Coast of the U.S in December 2012, HelloFresh moved to cover the entire country in September 2014. Over the short time since then, HelloFresh has grown rapidly to become one of the largest players in this market.  


HF Countries.jpg

HelloFresh served 7.2m meals in January 2016 to 9 countries across 3 continents!

The number of people enjoying HelloFresh meals has exploded since our first boxes were shipped in 2012, and continues to grow rapidly every single week.  

The numbers you need to know:

  Food is the largest retail industry by several multiples

Food is the largest retail industry by several multiples

Source: Technomic, Management Research

  The average US household spends 55% of their annual food budget on Food at Home

The average household eats 62% of their meals at Home

Source: Technomic 2015

HelloFresh is now serving over 7.2m meals per month to its subscribers

  By the end of Q1'2015, HelloFresh had over 250,000 regular subscribers across the world

By the end of Q2'2016 HelloFresh had over 800k regular subscribers across the world

  Our recipe database now holds well over 5500 recipes and is growing every week!

Our recipe database now holds well over 7,500 recipes and is growing every week!